Star Trek Costumes for the Family: Men, Women and Baby

Every die-hard Trekkie needs at least one Star Trek costume — whether it’s for a Star Trek convention like Comic-Con, a holiday like Halloween (right around the corner at the time of this writing), — or another special occasion.  Here, you’ll find costumes for Trekkies of the male, female, and kids/baby persuasions.  Based on the kinds of things I’m good at, I’d be a science officer (blue – when I’m not in command).  What color are you?

Star Trek Costumes For Men

As far as Star Trek costumes for men, there are a lot of shirt options to choose from.  You can get something like a Star Trek: The Next Generation costume shirt, a Spock Star Trek into Darkness shirt, or one of the couple varieties of classic Captain Kirk shirts and just pair it with a nice pair of black pants (do have larger shirt sizes as well).  While I did find a couple of jumpsuits for men that could be customized, it hadn’t actually been rated.

Additionally, I will give an honorable mention to two things I found while shopping that you might like (since the weather is about to start changing soon – guess you could call them costume sleepwear?).  They have classic Captain Kirk, Spock, and Scotty pajamas  and bathrobes (shown below – click the pics) – really nice!

Star Trek Costumes For Women

When it comes to Star Trek Halloween costumes for women, ladies have a lot of choices.  Women have the option of choosing from a range of styles — including everything from the classic Star Trek duty dress or Lt. Uhura’s and Counselor Troi’s costume dresses that come in a variety of colors and sizes to the traditional Star Trek The Next Generation deluxe onesie (jumpsuit), earrings, Spock ears, and more.  A lot of things do come in plus sizes.  Click the pics to check them out.

Star Trek Costumes For Kids (and Babies)

When it comes to costumes for the smallest amongst us, I found that there were considerably fewer options, but I will still able to find some good stuff.  They’ve got Star Trek onesies and a Star Trek Captain Kirk romper and a couple toddler costumes – Kirk and Spock – thinking I should start my littlest nice out early – ha.