Star Trek The Next Generation Complete Series Blu Ray Set

For those of us 90’s kids, Star Trek: The Next Generation marked the beginning of our love affair, dare I say obsession,  with the Star Trek Franchise — thanks to LeVar Burton taking us behind-the-scenes on Reading Rainbow – ha.

Today, we are going to taking a look at what the Star Trek: TNG Complete series blu ray box set is all about.  I must admit that I could barely contain myself when I first heard about this!  I immediately started running through the episodes in my head to figure out which episode I wanted to watch first!

Should you start out with the episodes starring Whoopi Goldberg (love the rapport that Guinan and Picard have), when Troi has to temporarily command the Enterprise, when she becomes a commander, when aliens take over Data’s, Troi’s, and O’Brien’s bodies and they then take over the ship???

Anyway, let’s get started.  First, it should be noted that if you already have the UK version, you should NOT purchase this one!  With that said, I love the way it’s packaged.  It’s beautiful.  On the back, you see the main characters and Picard’s quote from the opening credits — that I will never get tired of.

The discs come in two cases (once you remove them from the box).  There are a total of 41 discs.  The first 4 seasons are in one and the final 3 are in the other.  The picture quality is great and the sound quality is like you’re in the theater.  It should be noted, however, that the episodes are in full screen — not widescreen.

Additionally, there are a lot of cool extras — like a reunion special — that make the Star Trek: TNG complete series blu ray box set totally worth it — all on its own.  It also makes a great gift, so you might consider picking up one for your favorite Trekkie in your life.  Click the link below to get your TNG box set today.

Get Star Trek The Next Generation Complete Series on Blu Ray Here